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During this early phase, a young woman is constantly striving for acceptance and to identify what her role in this world really means. 

She has a few ideas of what she wants and is implementing multiple strategies to help her attain her goals. Her execution of plans may not always be perfect, but she continuously strives to be recognized, accepted and loved. This early phase will be playful and filled with celebrations, bad decisions, and despair, but that’s okay.  These experiences all provide the framework for self-improvement. Experimenting with the uncertainty of life, love lessons, and decision-making can be tiresome while simultaneously invigorating.

Fragrance Notes:

Mandarin Mimosa and Chardonnay

Scented Candle
Scented Candle


She's starting to enjoy more moments of clarity and realizes that stillness is okay. Her actions are intentional as she strives to connect her inner truth and passions to her day-to-day existence. Loss and disappointments are becoming lighter to bear and the recognition of the importance of peace management causes a shift in her mindset. Self-reflection works in tandem with maturity and forgiveness. Instead of exerting her energy sporadically, she now reserves it for those deserving. As she transitions through this phase this woman is ready to shed layers of herself and give light to something new. She communicates her needs better, her movements become more fluid, decisions are calculated, and actions are intentional.

Fragrance Notes:

Pineapple Sage and Eucalyptus


An evolved woman recognizes her strengths and weaknesses and uses both to compete with herself. She understands that bad things happen, but won’t let the outcome dictate the course of her life. This woman stands firmly in her truth and understands that every experience has prepared her to be unflappable. She is confident and cheers other women along and sees herself as a gift, not to be managed, but to be loved and respected. An evolved woman never sees herself as a victim of anything or anyone. She is motivated to see past any fear or past hurts and engages in actions that preserve her peace. Letting go is no longer painful,  but instead purposeful. New chapters are no longer scary but are seen as warranted.


This evolved woman sees love and sexiness within herself and carefully selects who she will share this part of her life with. She is sensual, shamelessly vocal about her journey, knows her worth, and celebrates her imperfections. She appreciates alone time. Most importantly, she holds herself accountable for her happiness and marches to her own drumbeat. She is Flawfully Unapologetic-F.U.! 

Fragrance Notes:

Black Currant and Jasmine

Scented Candle
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