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Sí, Papí!


Sí, Papí! | Scent Story

With one whiff of this candle, I immediately envisioned the night sky, hovering over the streets of an old Spanish town with the rhythmic sounds of musical instruments led by a vocalist with a rose gently tucked behind the ear.


I could smell faint hints of cigars as the sounds of dominoes were boastfully slammed onto the table nearby. The spicy fragrance of cloves and cognac closely follows a handsome, slightly unshaven, chiseled middle age man with strong cheekbones and confident, piercing eyes. He quickly recognizes an old flame in the crowd and makes his way to his old love. The way they looked at each other, it was clear that emotions still ran deeply between them. As he stares directly into her soul, he gently yet firmly pulls her closer, placing a kiss on her forehead. Her knees are weak, and his scent is intoxicating, leaving her ready to surrender while gently whispering, Sí, Papí!

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