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The Night Flex Collection reminds us of the significance of making human connections that capture the soul while intriguing all five senses. Light one of our beautifully scented candles and unleash your vulnerable, true self. 

Temptress | Scent Story

Intense, desirable, and hard to resist, our Temptress Candle flickers between passionate notes of black rose and sweet vanilla before delving into intoxicating scents of labdanum to set the mood, such a tease! One whiff of this candle and I was transported to a memory of attending one of my first reggae concerts.  The musical artist, Maxi Priest, was heading the show and he sang the song, Temptress. I was very young at the time, but the sultry sexiness of the song was undeniable, and I fell in love with it right then.  Of course, Temptress is the first song on our curated playlist.


Temptress Lyrics Excerpt:  

I don't beg love
And neither do I borrow, hey

Temptress, I'm calling your bluff
Temptress, I hope you can deliver the stuff
Temptress, enough is enough
Let off ease up, you're playing too rough

You've been tickling my fancy too long now hey
And girl, my feelings have gotten so strong
I can't hold back the vibes no more
I think it's time we settle the score

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