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Buttery Nipples

The Night Flex Collection reminds us of the significance of making human connections that capture the soul while intriguing all five senses. Light one of our beautifully scented candles and unleash your vulnerable, true self. 

Buttery Nipples| Scent Story

I first encountered the fragrance and flavorfulness of Buttery Nipples in the form of liquor.  The drink was smooth, creamy and made every taste bud come alive.  I tried to capture every note to perfection with this candle.   Mesmerizing scents of butterscotch and caramel delight the senses of your favorite sweet treat, while the dark notes of aged bourbon whiskey quietly yet powerfully make their presence known, proving that opposites do attract. With their unique contributions, a far-from-ordinary scent is formed that will leave all in its path intrigued and wanting more. Check out the link below to create your own Buttery Nipples Shot! 

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