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The concept of the Flawfully Unapologetic, Self-Collection, comes from self-reflection and the journey from childhood to adulthood.  As I observed stories shared by friends through intimate conversations and proclamations via social media, I became fascinated with the soul of a human.  These shared reflections of people in varying phases of their lives were all doing the same things. Exploring, aiming for inner peace, becoming more daring, self-accepting, demanding respect, and most importantly evolving. 

Phase II: Intention | Protecting My Peace

During this phase, a person starts to enjoy more moments of clarity and realizes that stillness is okay.  Needs are communicated more clearly, movements become more fluid, decisions are calculated, and actions are intentional. There is a saying, "People are in Your Life for a Season, Reason, or a Lifetime," and at this point, you are starting to get a handle on what those words truly mean.  Re-evaluating those around you, situations, and goals take center stage. 

Yes! It's perfectly okay to let go. 

Yes! It's okay to deep-dive into your passions and dreams.

Yes! It's okay to start anew.  

Yes! It's okay to change the course of your life with the understanding that not everyone will be on board.

Yes! Every experience is a lesson and you now know what you will accept and not tolerate. 

Yes! Accept yourself, Pour into YOU and HEAL!

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