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Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Story Behind
Flawfully Unapologetic

Hello there!

Some time ago, while looking for an arts and crafts activity to complete with my daughters, I came across a candle-making kit.  What started off as “our” project quickly turned into “my” passion. The process of making the candle was way more than I realized, and I fell in love with blending scents and creating something new with my own hands. Not to mention, I was tired of purchasing candles that had little to no scent.  To be quite honest, candle-making became a therapeutic outlet for me as it allowed me to shift gears shedding the thoughts of my career and personal life and focus on something new. Each scent I designed was based on an experience or a memory, with many imperfect scenarios in between. I was literally telling my story, through the candles. As time went on, I realized that I wanted to continue this form of storytelling derived not only from my experiences but the journey of others too.


For me, the name of the brand, Flawfully Unapologetic, represents ownership.  Ownership of flaws, acceptance of the journey, the quest for self-improvement, and being unapologetically comfortable in my own skin.  

Laurel E. Suarez

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