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Inspired by the art of self-discovery and new perspectives, this candle invites you to spread your wings and enjoy each moment. This early phase of life will be playful and filled with celebrations, mimosas, bad decisions, and despair, but that’s okay.  These experiences all provide the framework for self-improvement.  The fruity finish of ambrosia apple mixed with the powerful floral green notes channels calming energy to any home or workspace.



•  Top: Lemon, Pear, Hyacinth

•  Middle: Apple Blosson, Lilac, Chardonnay

•  Bottom: Amber


• Hand-Poured Soy Wax Blend Candle | Recyclable Vessel | 13 ozs. |  All Fiber Wick

• Provides Appoximately 60 hours of Calm, Centered Burn Time

• Formulated  Without: Parabens, Sulfates & Phthalates



Anticipation | Is it Happy Hour Yet?

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