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Night Nurse 

The Night Flex Collection reminds us of the significance of making human connections that capture the soul while intriguing all five senses. Light one of our beautifully scented candles and unleash your vulnerable, true self. 

Night Nurse | Scent Story

The Night Nurse candle holds memories of late-night conversations, nightcaps, soft jazz, and a few stolen kisses between forbidden lovers. This candle embodies ease and sophistication and triggered a memory of a seductive reggae song from the 80s by Gregory Isaacs.  This song was passionate without the use of passionate words.  The delivery of the words and the tone of his voice sent a clear message that his healing could only be delivered by this one particular Night Nurse.  Of course! It's the first sone on your curated playlist.  


Night Nurse Lyrics Excerpt:  

I don't want to see no doc
I need attendance from my nurse around the clock
Cause there's no prescription for me
She's the one, the only remedy

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