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Bush Tea

The Flawfully Unapologetic, Roots-Collection, comes from our desire to capture the nostalgic experience of visiting our home in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  You don't truly know Paradise unless you have experienced the islands' beauty firsthand.  Our scents trigger memories of sheer happiness in the Caribbean!  

Bush Tea | Scent Story

A Caribbean home isn’t home without tea, especially signature bush teas, thanks to their therapeutic properties and comforting taste. So that’s why we took those feelings of home and natural elements and created our signature Bush Tea Candle. The sharp, clean scent of lemongrass masterfully uplifts and energizes any space and brightens any mood. Not to mention, it triggers memories of visiting the bakery on St. Croix first thing in the morning as a child to purchase fresh bread and a cup of lemongrass tea. I can still hear everyone sharing "Morning-Mawning" greetings as each person enters. Bakery visits were always so inviting and a highlight of the day!  

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